Using the standard formal guidelines (12 point standard font [Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, or Courier New] double-spaced with 1” margins) write a one page fiction or non-fiction “demo” piece, illustrating a skill or direction the reading suggested to you. A "demo" can be either a complete short story, or a section of a full piece of writing. Larry McMurtry, for example, is a master of dialogue. After reading his assigned work, you might want to explore the dialogue skills you, perhaps, absorbed through your attentive engagement with the assignment. Similarly, after reading Raymond Chandler, a master of description, you might want to explore the skills in describing setting that you engaged through your reading of his work. Each assigned author uses skills that students can utilize in their own writing, sharpening those skills and adapting them to their own work.

Evaluation of the “demo” papers will focus on the vigor you show in applying the “lessons” of the assigned reading to this short paper and the clarity you are able to achieve in meeting the literary challenge you’ve elected to confront via the “demo” option.