Analytic Reaction/Review papers should be no more than one page (12 point standard font [Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, or Courier New] double-spaced with 1” margins) . The reports should focus on the assigned readings/films,etc. These reports should not be synopses or content summaries. They should, rather, focus on particular sections, subsections, scenes, themes, or characters and address one or more of the following questions:

1. How does the author or artist make his or her points?

2. What was your reaction to the particular points the author addressed?

3. How does the author or artist deal with a particular issue or employ specific stylistic devise?

4. What is the most important lesson the reader can learn about effective writing from this work.

The report can be personal and address issues from your point of view. Thus you can present your reactions using the first person and referring, perhaps, to your experiences. The report could, however, deal with the issues and ideas from a more detached "objective" viewpoint. Such an approach would be most effectively rendered in third person.

Tip: In so short a paper, you are more likely to be successful if you limit your focus to a particular point or very few points and address that point(s) with great specificity.

Evaluation will focus on: 1) the clarity in addressing the ideas you endeavor to convey and explore in the report 2) The soundness of those ideas in terms of accuracy, logic, and analysis.