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Butterfly Kisses

by Michael Thomas

This is a novel I wrote two or three years ago at the behest of a literary agent who thought I could have a sweet payday if I would turn my mind to writing in a commercial vein. The way he put it was that all my novels and stories "good as they are" are basically "written for friends." So I wrote this novel (it was a lot of fun) and the agent marketed it. An editor from a big commercial house said yes, but before I even heard about it, the editor got fired from her job. The book had the best chance possible but eventually the agent was out of options. At some point I may make some revisions updating the book and making a change here and there - I still think it's a fun book and there may be some better luck out there next time around. Until then, I can do what I damned well please with it and am putting it on this wiki page as an example of a book in professional manuscript form and as an example of how a writer can push his or her boundaries - before I wrote this book I read 20 or 30 international action thrillers to see how people managed the form. That's the sort of thing you do to get in shape to take on an unanticipated project. Like I said, I enjoyed it and enjoy it still. I challenge you to read the first few pages and not get hooked into the story. l&p Dr. T